Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Domestic Goddess?

Every once in a while I surprise myself by having a domesticated spell. Yesterday, when I saw some ripe brambles in the garden, I just had to turn them into jelly. Gifts of apples and courgettes enticed me to find a recipe in which I could use them. So, while I was at the gym this morning, two apple and courgette loaves were baking in the oven. Now THAT'S multi-tasking. A compulsion to have the laundry up to date saw me performing surgery on the washing machine today and then having to mop up the resultant flood - a clean floor into the bargain. All this alongside preparation for Sunday, meetings and pastoral visits. Strange times! Hopefully this will pass soon. LOL.

1 comment:

Dot said...

I like the sound of the loaves. You deserve a fun day today!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon...

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