Thursday, 11 March 2010

This day

What a day! This has been one of those days that makes me so thankful to be a minister, a day that reminds me why I do it. A day spent going from home to home, sharing in people's lives. I've met folk with stories - each of them incredible and made even more special by how ordinary they see themselves. I've been privy to joy and sorrow, to heartache and anguish, shared confidences, offered no more than an attentive presence and been moved beyond words. It's the sort of day when I feel fulfilled in ministry and confirmed in call. A day to remember when church politics and posturing and games crowd out the joy of simply being with people.


Ivy said...

It doesn't get better than that. Where else can be be allowed into those very personal times of life? Blessings.

Tom said...

Days like this should be a treasured memory stored and revisited whenever the politics or the games get you down. Hopefully days like this one will always outnumber the bad ones.

God Bless

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