Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Still giggling

I spent today at an in-service for ministers who are supervising students. The best part was catching up with colleagues I haven't seen in a long time. One guy, I was at college with and we used to giggle our way through classes and even services. There was always something to get tickled at. Today was no different. We quickly dissolved into old patterns. It was great to discover that he hasn't changed a bit - except he's slightly more cuddly than I remember - could be middle age spread:) And a huge bonus - for once I felt like an equal with colleagues, even though the men outnumbered the women 6 to 1!


Nik said...

Ahhhh, my supervisor was doing this today as well. Sounds rather like too much frivolity, tsk... ;)
Hope it was a good and useful day

Tom said...

Catching Up with old friends, having a laugh and meeting cuddly people....what more could you ask for in a day? Enjoy what is left of the week

Cherie said...

Hope for perfect moments like this make it easy to get up in the morning. Glad you had such a refreshing time!

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