Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

We celebrated well this morning - baptism and Mothering Sunday, acknowledging both the joy and the sorrow that such relationship or its lack brings. Above all, we celebrated the place we all have in the family of God. With so many children present it was a noisy, messy service but who says worship has to be tidy? And for those who didn't like it? There's always next week.


Tom said...

Yes worship was noisy but very, very enjoyable for many of us. Surely worship should reflect the full spectrum of life - at times noisy and at other times quiet and meditative. Thanks for today and I agree with you for anyone who did not enjoy today there is always tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the cynical will say that next week might be no better. Still if they keep coming, one week may change all that.That is what it is all about. Anyway I enjoyed the sweeties!!!

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