Saturday, 6 February 2010

Surplus to requirement

These great tankers have been laid up, lacking a commission.
There is no such status in the church.
All of us are called and commissioned to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES.
The tankers do have a pretty tranquil resting place and, sometimes, our congregations provide beauty and peace - sanctuary, as they should. But only for a time.
There is work to do and challenges to be met and "no rest for the wicked".
The tranquillity serves to build up and equip, but, once recharged, it's all hands on deck.
No one is surplus to requirement.


Nik said...

An old deaconess back in Oz used to say: 'no rest for the wicked, and less rest for the righteous!'
She was quite extraordinary :)

Gosh, 'mandown' as the wordverf??!! Will be singing sea shanties for the rest of the afternoon now!

liz said...

Well, Nik, singing sea shanties has to be better than hanging out with old JK!

Nik said...

*nods fervently and swigs from a bottle of rum*

Mike Peatman said...

Title reminded me of the old joke as to whether Anglican robes are surplice to requirements

liz said...

Mike, I had to google the phrase to check that it didn't actually originate from the vestment sense!
I'm not an espouser of the clerical corner but I love, love, love all the wonderful coloured vestments. Why, then am I presbyterian? Ugh.

liz said...

Sorry, that should be clerical Collar!!!

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