Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sit here awhile...

Wouldn't it be good just to sit here awhile and contemplate life, the world, the universe?
Maybe this Lent, I will.
It takes two and a half hours to get to this spot from where I am but I'm sure I could find a spot closer to home and recapture some of that space that's been filled up with lots of activity, not all of it particularly useful or healthy.
A good Lenten discipline, for me, would be to recreate a more measured pace and rediscover some tranquillity. Rediscover God on the beach.


Nik said...

Hmmm ... every morning I walk out of my front door and look at the beach and it looks back at me. I adjust my rucksack and turn away and trudge to the bus stop. Living at the beach is no guarantee of actually getting to play or 'be' on it. Might take up the challenge to do so after reading your post tho' mate!!

liz said...

I'm proud to say I managed it this morning. Too cold to sit but I strode along the beach and crunched through the frost.

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