Friday, 12 February 2010

The ferocity of love

When I was expecting my second child, just one of the (many) concerns that I had was whether I would have enough love for another member of the family. Simply because I already loved my firstborn so fiercely. Of course as soon as our daughter was born, I realised that there would always be enough if I was willing to just keep on sharing love.
It was also about that time that I began to recognise the lengths that some parents would go for their children. Love isn't often rational or measured and certainly not contained. And love can drive us to contemplate the sorts of things that we might not otherwise entertain.
Even now, maybe especially now, as my children grow, I am occasionally overwhelmed by the intensity of my love for them. I so want to protect them from harm, from hurt and disappointment but of course they have to grow and discover their own way of coping in a world that holds all sorts of terror and injustice. And I have to let them go into that world, armed with all the protection I can give but still so open and vulnerable, especially to those who would exploit their trust or inflict hurt. For that, too is a vital element of love - letting go, allowing growth. Hoping against hope that they will always know where to turn when the affirmation they need is unconditional love. I am so thankful that love is not a limited commodity and that I can continue to love my children infinitely and with ferocity.


Watford Babe said...

Absolutely. I felt exactly the same when I was expecting Abbie. They are noisey, cheeky, expensive, exhausting, try your patience like nothing else....but it's the best job in the world! xx

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable post! My wife said the same to me when we were expecting our 2nd child. And then the twins arrived to make kids 3 and 4! And the love for them all knows no bounds!

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