Saturday, 20 February 2010

Alleluia Retreat

Just 8 of us gathered this morning for prayers in the beautiful chapel at St Mary's monastery, Kinnoul. We sang Alleluias - even though Lent has started. Mainly because I said that I was putting away the Alleluias for Lent - Something we're not overly familiar with in the presbyterian tradition. But I thought it would be fun to make a ritual of that in worship tomorrow and leave behind our alleluias (not that we use very many) for the rest of Lent so that, on Easter Sunday morning, we can experience them anew and be transformed. My colleagues, with whom I was working this weekend, decided I needed to be reminded of what I would be missing - and certainly singing Alleluia in the wonderful confines of the monastery chapel was a beautiful sound. But - if we don't experience desert, we won't know the transformation of resurrection.
And so, undaunted, tomorrow we will put away the Alleluias!


albert Bogle said...

If you put away the Alleluias. Your allowed to bring out the Hallelujahs they're more suitable for lent well their more easily borrowed

Nik said...

I like the idea of getting the congregation to write down the alleluias... and then they get collected and put in a box... and are brought out again on Easter Sunday - fun :)
Was at Kinnoul last week - popular place!

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