Thursday, 21 January 2010

Looking out for God

In the sun rising alongside the railway track

Filtering through the grime of the train windows

In the buzz of the city centre morning rush hour

In friends greeting each other

companions for onward journeys

or simply the day ahead

there God was

hanging around

people watching

not with malevolence

but with a twinkle in her eye

taking pleasure in all the everyday simple things

that we take for granted:

the morning breeze

the birdsong

the updraft of the pigeon’s wing as it almost brushes our faces

the impressive facades of city buildings

the smell of coffee and croissants

grinning from ear to ear at the hustle and bustle

at all the rushing and scurrying

then creasing to a frown

as she sees the news vendor grimacing in pain

as he eases himself into a comfier perch

on his stool, out in the cold and damp

or the young girl wrapped in a blanket

gently proffering her paper cup

to those who sweep past, unseeing

God was there


Wake up.

Look around you

Look at your world

Look at each other

Look into each others eyes

See me

Liz Crumlish January 2010


Cherie said...

I LOVE this. It's perfect!

Tom said...

Excellent thought Liz and how appropriate at this time of year. Everyone rushing around with their heads down looking at the ground hurrying to get in out the cold and the wet. Ignoring everything and everyone around them and totally oblivious to God's presence.

Thanks for the reminder to make time for others and especially for God. This one provided much need encouragement tonight.

liz said...

Glad it helped but sorry you're in need of encouragement. You're doing wonderfully in following God's call - cut yourself some slack!

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