Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Spending the biggest part of my weeks at the crematorium just now, it's important to catch glimpses of light:
Like the old man I visited having the audacity to tell me I need a comb - or at least a clasp to keep my hair out of my eyes.
Being missed by primary school kids when I didn't make it to their 8:30am choir practice.
The look of shock(probably followed by a bit of tut tutting)on the faces of colleagues when I turned up for a meeting listening to my ipod - they were in the corridor, I did remove them before entering the meeting room!
Being invited to go for a drink with a probationer - a good way to wind down before heading home.
Being congratulated for not wearing a dog collar.
Gaining some street cred with secondary school kids by having a facebook page.
I think I'll write a post like this every week. It's amazing the light you can glimpse if you try.:)

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Anonymous said...

Good for you, Liz!
I have stopped trying to impress others and be "one of the gang"and finally (In my old age - late forties!) decided it is time just to be "me", warts and all - and if folk, don't like what they see - tough!
The great thing is, that God loves us all individually, and, in the end, the only person I want to impress - is God, Himself!
Thanks - enjoy your blogs.

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