Tuesday, 1 December 2009

One person's box is another one's cradle

Last year, during advent, we performed a symbolic action at one of our midweek reflective services that called for us to prepare a place for the baby Jesus. The idea came from "Cloth for the Cradle", an advent worship resource from Wild Goose worship. It involved a wooden fruit box and strips of cloth (as pictured). Together we transformed these into a crib, symbolic of our preparing to welcome the Christ child. I used this picture as a background for our Advent Sunday worship. At least two people have commented that it was good to see an image of the sanctuary, but why didn't someone move that box and the wrapping paper out of the picture.
Isn't it intriguing how the crudeness and starkness of the incarnation still causes offense?
Incidentally, the blog post title comes from my wonderful enquirer, a welcome addition to our ministry team for now.

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