Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas definition

As the peaks on Arran
are defined by their covering of snow
so our world is defined
by the coming of the Christ child.
Love blankets the world
inequalities are erased
unevenness smoothed over
harsh sounds become muffled
but only from a distance.
Close up, reality bites
and chill sets in
at the realisation
that the love that came to change the world
is being guarded
and hoarded
held in closed fists
instead of being spread across the world
And in the manger
the baby cries
just before he is plucked from his cradle
to flee from evil forces
those same forces
of power and greed
that still would freeze the world
in their grip
unless we release the love
that came down at Christmas.


Nik said...


Tom said...

How's hoping we can persuade a few closed fists to open up and share His love.

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