Monday, 2 November 2009

Preparing for advent

It's cold and dark and stormy outside. But, liturgically, this time of year offers loads of excitement and light filled opportunities. Throughout November we remember and celebrate our saints - some by building bonfires!
Tomorrow, our worship team is getting together to prepare for advent, another waiting time, filled with possibility, not least for encounters with a God of surprises. Much to some folks' annoyance, I like to savour advent and resist the temptation to rush into Christmas. Advent has its' own music and words and Spirit:
Pregnant with potential
is the season of signs
when hopes and dreams and miracles
invade our everyday
and what is truly wonderful
is the opening of our eyes and ears
and minds and hearts
to see God, born in our midst.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz
I agree entirely Advent like, Lent, is a time of preparation. All too often, thanks to the advertising and commercialisation, we rush into Christmas unprepared and unfocussed. The true meaning of Christmas is shelved. Advent is a time to get ready to rejoice at the message of love, peace, hope and joy that Christmas brings. So this year I am looking forward to a time of considered preparation and a really wonderful Christmas.
Have a good week and catch up soon


Danny said...

Totally agree... I love Advent and this is my first as minister! So I have been digging out books and looking for inspiration for my services. Like your wee meditation

Linda said...

I totally agree. I was in Boots today and they were playing Christmas Carols. What`s that all about!

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