Monday, 30 November 2009

Indulgent Reflection

Sitting in the dark
enjoying the tree lights
blinking their reflection in the window.
Somehow the reflection is prettier
than the real thing.
Softer and more intriguing
attractive in a transient sort of way.
easier to absorb.
Not at all how advent should be:
a season to engage the senses
to confront
to challenge
to cajole
A season that draws us in
to action and reaction
a season
that screams to us
from the darkness
Wake up!
Get ready!
Reflect if you must.
but let your reflecting
change you and the world around you.
I come
not to make the darkness cosy
but to pierce that darkness
with excruciating light.
So let your reflecting
lead you to action
that blazes a trail
through all the dark places
and lights up the path for
the Light of the world

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