Friday, 20 November 2009

A good talk ruined!

Our Children in Need Assembly today at one of the local primary schools focussed on role models. However the children totally confounded me by choosing the head teacher as their preferred role model over the school jannie. What's that about? They totally messed up my talk and further swelled the already inflated ego of the headie. It's a true saying: Never work with children or animals.:)


Jennifer said...

Know the feeling!
Just wanted to let you know I have plagerised a bit of your sermon from Christ the King Sunday last year. Not my type of theology so your ideas came up trumps. Hope you don't mind - I'm still learning from you!

liz said...

Jennifer, you're very welcome - and I'm flattered. I heard that young D was off on his travels again! In fact he might even be in this neck of the woods.thanks for sending your regards from preaching day in Edinburgh. blessingsx

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