Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Keeping the faith

Had a great conversation today with a woman who, for some time, has been turned off religion. It doesn't happen so often in the parish but, as a hospital chaplain I frequently encountered folk who had become disillusioned with religion and had many difficult questions that they wanted to put before a so-called loving God. I always find this in many ways refreshing. And I don't feel I have to defend the faith in any way. Faith - and the God of faith - is big enough to stand up for itself. But what I think is important is that I, as a representative of faith, do not turn away. While I don't feel the need to defend - or even promote faith in many instances, it is important that I keep faith. On occasion when folk for all sorts of reasons, cannot embrace faith, it becomes even more important that I hold out enough faith to shelter them too. And that holding out faith comes with no strings attached and no hidden agenda. It is merely an act of love, an act seen or unseen that helps another traveller on the journey though life.
Bidden or not bidden, God is present. (Erasmus)

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Enchanted said...


This is a wonderful post. I no longer believe in 'religion'. Too much politic nowadays.

But I do yearn.....

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