Thursday, 4 June 2009

Spirit dust

I met the Holy Spirit this week.
On the 9am from Glasgow.
As we trained through lush green countryside.
With the sun streaming in the window,
almost obliterating the laptop screen.
The Holy Spirit lurked in the passageway,
She touched the passengers around me
Brought them smiles instead of frowns.
I’m not sure if anyone else saw her or realized that she was at work.
But I saw her dancing up the aisle and smiling her mischievous smile.
I often meet her on trains.
She seems to like rail travel.
Folk are enclosed and confined.
So she sets to work, kindling their imagination.
Waking their senses.
Lifting their heads up from their free copies of Metro.
Inspiring their work.
So that they arrive at their destination
With a sense of achievement.
Of course they don’t often give her the credit.
They’re rarely aware of her work.
But I saw her.
And she doesn’t mind not being recognized.
She does what she does beautifully and doesn’t mind who takes the credit.
Liz Crumlish June 2009


Thom M. Shuman said...

marvelous, Liz! thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for a lovely poem and thoughts.
In my job and everyday life, it amazes me when I see so many ordinary people doing such kind and loving things for others.
Someone once said that God must love ordinary people very much because He has made so many of them...and I guess that is true.
Thanks again

Peter said...

Liz, many thanks for this. Just wanted to let you know I used it to end the sermon on Sunday past.

I've just been reading "The Shack" and found some great truths in your poem and the description of Sarayu in the book.

Beautifully perceptive.

liz said...

Peter, I'm honoured that you could use it. the shack is on my holiday reading list.

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