Monday, 22 October 2007

Sight for sore eyes

How about this for an outlook? This was the scene that greeted me every morning last week. Autumn in all its glory. And glorious it was. Surrounded by nature's beauty, by good friends, by good food and fine wine, how could a girl do anything other than heal? The week was everything I'd hoped for - and more.
From the shabby chic of the grand house we had rented to the therapy of cooking on a placid aga to the side splitting laughter at the antics of seniors who should know better playing on the huge trampoline, rest and relaxation seem far too calm to describe the essence of a week in the wilderness. Finding the space to engage with the wild was effortless despite the buzz. Iain pointed out that there is a whole universe in each wild flower and fallen leaf. I was able to engage with countless universes and, hopefully, the spirit breath I indulged on will keep on blowing refreshment, keep on inspiring, keep on wreaking havoc.
As the fallen leaves sink back into the ground
from whence they came
nourishing the soil that birthed them
may the laughing, dancing wind
whip up a stooshie
teasing here
tearing there
until all is displaced
and nothing is left unmoved.
Then, may a gentle settling begin
with jostling and shoogling.
And may love be in that settling
as it was in the stirring.
And may the autumn ochre and bronze and gold
seep into the soul
balm and beauty
blessing and binding
curing the sores
caressing and healing
swaddling with love.

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