Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Reflected glory

I blogged some time ago about a double rainbow. There were quite a few of those where we were last week. But a friend helpfully pointed out that we're not actually seeing two rainbows. We're seeing one rainbow and its reflection. Sure enough, if you look at the pic you'll see that the colours go in opposite directions. One rainbow is a mirror image of the other. While I was taken with the idea of a double rainbow symbolising double the hope and double the blessing, I quite like the idea of the beauty being reflected too. Take your pick - science or imagination? Both have much to offer.


Anonymous said...

We each see a slightly different Rainbow, even when we stand next to each other. I think that's special, and the double? - a fine example of Alexander's Bands.


Cherie said...

I never noticed the mirrored colors before, Liz. The things I learn from you! Thanks. Beautiful photo and post.

liz said...

Cherie, Thanks. I'm lucky to have such beautiful photos to post. Last week provided loads of good opportunities for experiencing and, hopefully capturing beauty.

Ronnie - you'll need to educate me on alexanders bands - I thought that was a ragtime thing? :)

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