Sunday, 7 October 2007

Never a complete failure

Inverkip Power Station is one of the biggest white elephants of its time. It never reached its full capacity because, by the time construction was completed, the cost of oil was too prohbitive to make it a viable proposition. It was useful, briefly, during the coal miners strike in the 80s but has spent most of its career mothballed. However, it continues to prove a useful landmark for navigation purposes.

I wonder how often we find ourselves diverted from the path we set out on, but manage to prove ourselves useful in a completely different way.

One of my favourite sayings is: You are never a complete failure. You can always serve as a bad example. Each of us has a value well beyond our own calculation and a purpose we can only dream of.


a feckless boy said...

although sometimes being a bad example feels like my glass ceiling....!

ali said...

good to connect with you today. God always puts people in your life for a reason. Thanks for being that person today!
regards ali x


Hey. I've just found my purpose in life!!

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