Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Going where we'd rather not be

Been struggling for some time with discernment - or imagining that I was. But its slowly beginning to dawn on me that I know God's will - the problem is I don't particulalrly like it because its so difficult - a hard path to follow. So, all this time when I've been imploring God - give me a sign- the signs have been all around. They are just not the ones I want to follow. Remember that bit in Bruce Almighty , where Bruce cries - OK - you're in charge - give me a sign? The roadside sign flashes: caution ahead - and then a huge lorry drives past him carrying a shed load of road direction signs. He either can't or won't see them. I can see the signs, I just don't want to obey them. So, what now? Will acceptance or resignation makes things different?

I'll keep you posted!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Acceptance is hard at times ,yet better than resignation.It can bring peace and that feeling of tranquility we all yearn for.It is indeed a long and difficult road or is this our human, not divine thought? Sometimes we ask God to give us what we want ,whereas he in his own time ,shall give us what we need.We should at times just think like a child and give it all up to him.It seems hard but we need to give it a go!

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