Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The compassion of the young

The past few months have seen tragic loss of the lives of several young folk in this community and in our neighbouring community. The ripple effect for each of these deaths has been immense. It affects all parts of the community, the schools, the churches, the neighbourhood.

But what has touched me more than anything else is the compassion of these lads' contemporaries. These young people have demonstrated grief in a way unprecedented when I was at school. I can recall at least two of my peer group dying and their deaths were hushed up, not for public mourning. However, these past weeks, young folk have gotten together to grieve. They have supported one another. Schools and communities have allowed them space and time to reflect and to mourn. And they have greatly supported the bereaved families by their tributes and their love and their concern. In an age when young folk get such a bad press, these young folk have love in their hearts and are not afraid to show it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yea bud, most of our young folk are great and a whole bundle of fun, but also with a real honest loving. It's WE who fail the minority and then blame them???


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