Sunday, 12 August 2007

Those wellies

Had a blast at church this morning, doing all our Wastewatchers holiday club stuff. It was good to see the adults joining in the aerobics work out (scaled down to accommodate all ages). Certainly a very different service from our norm but, hey, once a year doing crazy things has to be OK. Lots of folk were asking though about the designer wellies that I wore to the wedding, so thought I'd post a pic. They went a treat with my heather coloured cassock, not that I was caring. There are all sorts of discussions about the theological justifications and ramifications of clerical attire. I'm going to confess my shallowness and admit that, for me, what I wear in the pulpit is nothing more than a fashion statement. And a cassock covers a multitude of sins - so that has to be good.


amoruso04 said...

take a look at this:

Rachael xx

Mike Peatman said...

Love the wellies, Liz

liz said...

Thanks Mike, been missing you!

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