Monday, 13 August 2007

Chilling with the starfish

Our schools return this Thursday. So we're grabbing a couple of days just to enjoy family time together before routine kicks in again. Scottish weather abysmal right now but that means we can cosy up, go for walks, come home, dry off, cosy up some more, do jigsaws, read books, watch films, cosy up even more. Not exactly summer activities but good chilling activities nonetheless. And we'll be down at the pier where the starfish hang out. What more can we ask for? The best things in life are free...


Cherie said...

Yes, yes they are!

Happy chilling!

Anonymous said...

It don't get much better, chum.


Rachey_pie said...

btw liz, you get a mention in my about me bit..lucky you!

also, tell everyone i said hey tomorrow...pray i keep calm in my exam!!! That'll be a job for me!!!

tell the new douglas i said hey and will meet him soon!!

Rachael xx

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