Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Just found this on the bedroom ceiling. Is this another result of climate change? Not content with wimping out and handing over removal to a man, I have to wonder where it came from, how it got there, etc. It will be some time before I get to sleep tonight!


Ronnie said...

Well the spider was created by a MAN, so I suppose it's only right that a man shuold have to save a helpless wee girlie. (plant a dope????)

Cheers chum

Welcome back to blogsville,


Cherie said...

Averting my eyes!! Ewww. I can't stand to look at the thing without lifting my feet from the floor, squeezing my shoulders together, and scrunching up my face.

You are braver than I for having the presence of mind to take a photo. Me? I don't know WHAT I would do other than screech and run from the room.

liz said...

I have to confess I got my man to take a pic before he caught it and put it outside!

Cherie said...

Aha! That explains it.

Had to are so cute.

; )

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