Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Speaking quickly

As I've mentioned before, being adventurous and creative in worship is something that feeds my soul and re-energises. Its not that I don't value the traditional and see its place, especially in the community I serve. But I relish the idea of offering alternatives that speak to different people in different places at different times.Currently in Inverkip, there is trad Sunday morning in its usual, for us, 11am slot. There's also an early morning healing service as well as mid week evening prayer and a Taize service. Or the late night contemporary youth experience or a Saturday morning bacon roll service for guys in their 30s and 40s. Some of these happen only monthly, so its not as frenetic as it seems. But, over the summer I've been exploring and hatching other ideas: A Sunday night contemporary service, and an opportunity to explore spirituality, prayer and meditation.
I knew that when I mentioned these, folk would raise their eyes heavenward, so I spoke really quickly, promised I would keep folk posted ( and rope in folk where and when necessary) and moved swiftly on. I think it worked. Does worship create community or do communities create worship?

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Kathryn said...

Does worship create community or do communities create worship?

That, Liz, is surely the biggest of big questions for those of us who are hoping to find a way in a both/and, traditional/emerging church. In fact, it has inspired such a long comment that I guess I ought to move it over to mine...thank you for voicing the question

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