Sunday, 19 August 2007

Seeing God in the interruptions

Not sure if its a hazard of parish ministry or a hazard of village life, maybe a combination of both. But sometimes, straightforward tasks take much longer than they should. Why? Because there are so many interruptions. A walk from Inverkip to Gourock the other day, probably achievable in less than an hour took two and a half hours. I managed to miss three ferries. I just kept meeting folk and spent an hour just trying to get out of the village. But I've come to realise that there's important things going on in those interruptions. That's often where ministry is at. And a huge bonus when I eventually did make the ferry was capturing this image of the sun silhouetting traffic on the Clyde.


Anonymous said...

Better to travel in hope, than to arrive?????????????

But, by jings, meenister, yea take a rare wee photy.


P.s. You're right, chum, we do sit back, as a church, and take the easy option. Changing times ahead?????


Rachey_pie said...

hey liz,

maureen was saying something to me about a meeting or something on thursday...what time is it again...i have a brain like a sieve!

Rachael xx

Cherie said...

Blessings in disguise, those moments that seem to go all wrong but end up working perfectly - and giving you a great view to boot!

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