Friday, 31 August 2007


Its quite something when you go to do your usual bit of village pub evangelism and some one else is sitting in your seat. That's almost as bad as someone sitting in your seat in church! Anyway, that was the scenario tonight. Lots of new folk, who don't know the rules. And the place was really noisy. What on earth is the world coming to when the pub and its occupants mirrors the church and its occupants? Spooky or what?


Rachey_pie said...

oh i know how ya feel liz!

It's tres least in actual church nobody can steal your place...haha!

Rachael xx

Rachey_pie said...

p.s. check my new post its's so sad..will make u cry :S:S

a feckless boy said...

it could be worse. the last time i visted my parish hostilry someone sang for my benefit: "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam".


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