Friday, 24 August 2007

Reflections on Energy Boost

Spent today at a conference aimed at re- energising the church to reach out beyond the walls, out of comfort zones and into the kingdom. Great wisdom and insight. But even on the homeward journey, my spirits were beginning to sag.
In times of inspiration and aspiration, there is a real need to let go. But sometimes that feels very much like abandoning or giving up on the hope that has spawned dreams and vision.
Its hard to spend time in the high places and somehow keep hold of the enthusiasm when reality kicks in. How to stop the balloon bursting and drifting groundwards?
Its good to spend time with high fliers but it makes journeying with folk scrabbling in the dirt that much more difficult.
Or does it?
Surely when it feels like this is as good as it gets, to be surrounded by folk who haven't settled for mediocrity is one way of keeping motivation and the assurance that there is a way. And that because that way is God's way, it can't be trampled forever.
Releasing doesn't have to mean relinquishing.

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