Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A presbyterian heron?

Will it always feel this isolated?
Will it always be about sticking the neck out while up to the knees in water?
Must there always be an invisibility - a blending in, not ruffling feathers or causing waves?
I know there is majesty there, its just become covered in greyness.
I know there is grace, its just got bogged down in the sludge.
Oh for the freedom of flight, undoing the shackles 0f conformity, abandoning the institution.
Oh to stand tall, not bowed down, to know dreams can come true and change is just around the corner.


Cherie said...

Amen, sister Liz. I hear you.

a feckless boy said...

i'd sign up for this

liz said...

on that downward slide again. good to have the understanding of friends like you.

Feckless boy - good to meet you. Another blog to read. Maybe we could start a new presbyterian church - what would one more be in the vast array?

Anonymous said...

Grey Herons roost in groups? (up in trees) so they're not as isolated as they appear. Nor are you! Keep smiling and dream the dream. It ain't easy but we all have to go for that vision what ever our part.

God Bless, Chum,


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