Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Paradise lost

This is not a view of some tropical island but of Tighnabruaich in the early morning light. In the West coast of Scotland we are simply spoiled with the beauty of creation all around us. The thought of that beauty disappearing is too awful to contemplate. I can't bear to watch pictures of Greece being ravaged with those terrible fires. The dreadful loss of human life and the laying to waste of the lush vegetation is unfathomable. Can this really be caused by human greed and incomprehensible evil?


Cherie said...

It really is a shame, isn't it, the burning of Greece and loss of lives. Just makes me sick.

You've got some really good posts here - I've been catching up.

liz said...

Thanks, cherie

mags said...

Wanted to let you know how much I look forward too and enjoy your blogs Liz.

Keep it coming.

liz said...

mags -Appreciate the encouragement. Try and stop me now!

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