Saturday, 11 August 2007

Designer wellies

I was priveleged to conduct a very special wedding ceremony today - in the woods. Lynne and Stuart tied the knot on a very dreich Scottish day in a beautiful setting. The rain went off just long enough to allow us to stand under the trees and appreciate the Firth of Clyde as our backdrop while vows were made. The ground was fairly wet as you might imagine and certainly not suitable for designer shoes so I chose to wear my designer wellies. Everyone was very good natured and we celebrated in style.
Thanks Lynne and Stuart for creating unusual memories.
And at least the rain kept the midgies away! A silver lining in every cloud.


amoruso04 said...

hey Liz!

quick do u get pictures on ur blog??

Rachael xx

liz said...

Rachael, they're on my computer and I just upload the ones I want on the blog. Are you going to start blogging?

amoruso04 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amoruso04 said...


i found out how to get the pics on my blog, woohoo...

yeah im guna start but i dunno what about...perhaps the crazyness of youth group and such likes. you need to comment!! haha!

also i think we should get these t-shirts:

Rachael xxx

12 August 2007 15

liz said...

love the Tshirts. looking forward to the blog.

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