Wednesday, 25 July 2007

A fitting end

Just managed to finish reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Work kept interrupting. Another masterpiece from J K Rowling and a fitting end to the HP series.
My son has warned me that I mustn't spoil it for those still reading but that's something HP fans would never do. I was totally captivated by the plot yet again. And, thankfully, the happy ever after ending I kind of expected to conclude the series didn't materialise.
In the run up to its release I was, for once, unaware of the kind of hype and criticism that has surrounded the other books and films in the series, coming from opposers of the dark arts. I have never seen anything in these books and films to suggest that youngsters will be led into the practice of black magic and all that hocus pocus. A delve into christian history would, I suggest prove a lot more damaging to young minds as they try and grapple with the forces that drove people through the ages to commit slaughter and atrocities in the name of their god. And, unfortunately, there are still plenty of contemporary acts of genocide, ethnic cleansing and terrorism committed in the name of religion.
Harry Potter has, rather, been a welcome and entertaining diversion in the grind of life and work. I am sorry that this is the last book but, agree that its time to end the saga. And what a great job JK Rowling has done.
If you're still reading - enjoy!


Cherie said...

Ah, why am I not surprised to read this post. The book is making its rounds here in our house as well. I know the ending, too, and will not spoil it, but to say you are right, Rowling did a great job!

This post is really really good, Liz.

liz said...

I'm sure we were separated at birth! Thanks for your encouragement. x

Kathryn said...

Wow...those are the first postive reviews I've read. I'm queuing for my turn at it, but my 2 older children were definitely Not Impressed...I'm glad that there is at least a chance that I'll enjoy it.

liz said...

Be interested to hear what you think Kathryn.

Jennifer said...

You must have more time than I have! I have only got half way through so far! So far no one has spoiled the ending for me, but it is only a matter of time so I must get on and read a bit faster.
I agree that there really is nothing in the books which could harm anyone reading them - just a rattling good story. If it gets children reading more then its a positive benefit.

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