Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Can't see the forest for the trees

Isn't it funny how, when you are in the thick of things, its hard to get a proper perspective. And then, a chance comment, a throw away remark leads to one of those "aha moments". Suddenly things are much clearer and sense returns.
A friend and colleague, possibly with a little nudge from God provided one of those Godincidences today.
I've been trying to justify, as much to myself as to anyone else, the diversity I've introduced in worship - times, formats, target groups...
I love it - but was it right?
Suddenly, as my friend spoke of " the constant core", it struck me that that's what its about. Its not just about satisfying my creativity or allowing me an outlet. Its about allowing others choice in the way and the place and the time they experience God's spirit in worship. And while some of those ways might be new, a response for a particular place and a particular people in a particular time, there are always elements of something ancient, something pervasive. Something that can stand being re packaged for a new generation but that, nonetheless remains true to generations who have always sought the mystery of God, who have always reached out to something other beyond themselves in which to seek refuge, from which to gain strength. Maybe that's why I feel we need so much more, not less. And why I am re-energised by continuing to offer more and create more opportunity, always looking for other ways to reach and tantalise that spiritual hunger lying dormant.

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Cherie said...

Deep deep ponderings, Liz. I like this.

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