Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Y on earth?

We're hosting a Y course in the local cafe. It is a course that claims to explore lots of the big questions of faith, run over 8 weeks. A couple of the weeks, we've found the presenters on DVD slightly pedantic. But we have a great group of folk who are not prepared to settle for easy options and aren't afraid to wrestle with the issues. Tonight we "dealt with" other religions and why so much suffering, just a light diet. With the maturity and experience in the group, our discussions are fascinating. This group certainly has an appetite and its fun trying to satisfy the hunger. They keep coming back for seconds. Any suggestions for our next venture?


ronnie said...

The very night I can't be there! Your right, a great group with lots of questions. (must have been so much easier being a Minister in the 1900's (but then you couldnae huv been a wumin?).

These programmes only give a focus for discussion, outwith the loop. Just proves that people want to talk and search for answers. If you need extra questions, I'm yer man (Not so good on the answers)

What next? Up to you, chum.

"Z" course sounds about right?

Mike Peatman said...

How do you fin the Y course? I remember it coming out, and I'd love an alternative to Alpha

liz said...

Mike, I too wanted to do something other than alpha and felt folks weren't quite ready for living the questions. For me, Y is more intelligent - but that's a very personal comment! However, there are some grating moments when the DVD presenters tend to over state their case without evidence. We have a great bunch of folk though who aren't afraid to challenge that and live with all the questions thrown up

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