Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Realising potential

On study leave last year, I spent some time in Charlotte, North Carolina, looking at team ministry. Our wonderful hosts were from Sardis Presbyterian church. This sign greeted us when we visited and I vowed it would become a part of my home church philosophy. We Scots are good at putting each other down and of finding reasons why we can't do things rather than ways around perceived obstacles. Some nine months further on there is a glimmer that Inverkip church might be ready to move on, to stop resting on its 800 year history and look to the future with an air of excitement and expectation. If we expect little of God, our prophecies are self fulfilling. If, however we see endless possibility, we can achieve anything. Here's to a future filled with possibilities.


Anonymous said...

Have just logged on for the first time and have appreciated the beauty and wisdom of your photos and reflections. Thank you for working so hard to reach us in new ways.

liz said...

Welcome and thank you. Its so good to have positive feedback. I'm enjoying "conversing" with a new community.

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