Saturday, 5 May 2007

Perfection or potential?

We have a new bubble "thingy" to play with. It makes huge, tunnel like bubbles that are great fun. Weather conditions were great for bubble play today - not too much sun, a little breeze. I discovered a short time ago that bubbles involve lots of science. Some folk have studied long and hard to get just the right mix and they also insist on the right environmental factors. I'm happy to leave all that science to others and simply have fun. I've always seen great potential in a splash of soapy mix, a puff of wind and a little imagination. There are those who create and perfect and those who simply enjoy. When it comes to bubbles, I'll be one of the enjoyers.


Cherie said...

Excellent fun-filled, colorful photo, Liz!

I'm with you - enjoy the bubbles and leave the science to others.


liz said...

Thanks, cherie. I'll keep on enjoying. Strange thing is science was my life before a huge career change/ vocation/ call it what you will took me into ministry. Interesting that now I'm happy not to struggle with the formulae and just experience!

Cherie said...

That IS interesting, Liz!

Things change.

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