Tuesday, 15 May 2007

More tea, vicar?

Today has been a beautiful, sunny day. Unfortunately I found myself submerged in preparing funeral services. Its been a busy week on that front. But then someone sent me an email, reminding me what a lovely day we had and exhorting me to go and smell the flowers. So I brewed some coffee and took it into the garden and found that the whole world didn't grind to a halt just because I took a break. A humbling discovery!

This thing that looks like an instrument of torture is actually a sugar cutter, used in past times when sugar came in blocks. How civilised were those days when people really did stop and enjoy afternoon tea.



I was wondering what that thing was! To begin with I thought it was an implement for measuring excess fat around the waistline caused by too many cups of tea and platefuls of cake... and if it was, I was going to order one for myself!

liz said...

Yes, I could do with one of those too. Today, I thought I'd be healthy and picked up some avocados with the shopping. But do you have any idea how much fat is in a single avocado? So much for "healthy".

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