Thursday, 3 May 2007

Left out

This little fellow didn't look too happy - all on his own, different from the rest of the herd.
Tonight I was visiting in the village. I happened to look out of the window of the home I was visiting just as two of my good buddies passed. I thought they were off to our favourite hostelry without me.
I decided I could either wonder why they hadn't asked me to go with them or - I could go and find out. So, when I had finished work, I rushed home for something to eat and then joined them. It turned out that when I saw them pass they were in fact just on their way to the local primary school to cast their vote. (We're having a local election) They hadn't intended stopping off at the hotel but, on the way back, they did succumb. So I hadn't been left out after all. Tonight reminded me that you can't get away with anything in our village!
But things aren't always as they appear.


Ronnie said...

I think I saw them going to vote tonight as well. Oh, but their franchise must be well exersized. It's good to know our locals have such a high sense of civic duty. Cheers

liz said...

You're just stirring it chum.

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