Tuesday, 22 May 2007

leaving church

Just finished reading Leaving Church, a memoir of faith by Barbara Brown Taylor. I've had it for some time but put off reading it because, from the reviews I'd seen, I knew that much of it would strike a chord and in some pretty raw places. Its an honest, well articulated account of the cost of a single pastor call, as well as all the benefits. In the end, Barbara Brown Taylor chose to leave her charge and, in the so called secular arena, teaching theology and religion, she finds herself still very much an integral part of the body of Christ, but with some space to develop her own spirituality and grow closer to God away from the demands and the the confinement of always being Christ for others. What was so good for me was to be able to read this book in quite a different place from this time last year so that the chords it struck weren't too brittle. It helped me to see where there has been growth and a moving on. And, for now, my place is very much in the church.


ronnie said...

Thank God!
Cheers, bud, you still have much to give Inverkip.
Either you're reading toooooo much or (probably) I'm not reading enough?

Cherie said...

Excellent, Liz, to find something in a book that sheds light on your very own situation. Your people are happy that you are where you are, I can tell. ;-)

liz said...

Ronnie - come and take your pick from my study. I have so many books I want to get around to.Its folk like you who are sent to encourage me to stay and to show me how.

Cherie, I'm just beginning to believe that and it feels good. Thanks for your perceptiveness.

Jennifer said...

I so much agree with Ronnie. I don't think you realise just how much you are loved in Inverkip and how much you have done there already. I have told so many people what a good job you are doing there and you certainly have a lot more to do. Perhaps I can see it a bit more clearly coming from outside.

liz said...

Jennifer, bless you. Among all the other things you contributed, you helped to open my eyes to some of these things. Thanks again.

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