Sunday, 27 May 2007

Its a sair fecht

I was accused today (tongue in cheek) of being far too cheery for a minister. People were actually laughing out loud in worship. Tsk. Tsk.
So the accuser loaned me his wee book on Calvinism. The blurb for the book makes the promise that you will feel a lot worse after you read it. As soon as mirth threatens to bubble up, one should read a few pages of this self help book which will swiftly administer a "potent triple measure of guilt, misery and self-loathing". I can't wait. Presbyterianism is a sober affair. We need to get back to basics and convince folk again of the sin that afflicts them lest they begin to rise above themselves and actually enjoy life. Heaven forbid.
But then, that first Pentecost, didn't the irrepressible Spirit of God cause some unbridled enthusiasm too? I stand convicted.


Jennifer said...

Can't promise to make them laugh out loud next Sunday, particularly with the tricky subjct of the Trinity to preach on! The book on Calvinism sounds just like what I need too.


liz said...

Don't worry, Jennifer. I'm taking all the irreverent folk on retreat with me. We'll be laughing out loud at Dunblane Cathedral!

Cherie said...

Laugh laugh and laugh! Far too much bad stuff, more laughing is required. You made me laugh this morning - with your hilarious hat, and grinning face!

Great post, Liz.


liz said...

Sometimes I enjoy my work far too much. And the Scottish Presbyterain in me kicks in, telling me - that can't be right! But I just kick it into touch whenever I can.
So glad you feel like laughing too.

Mike Peatman said...

Keep laughing and enjoying, Liz

liz said...

Thanks, Mike, good to have encouragement

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