Saturday, 26 May 2007

A century of change

We have hundreds of Scouts camping in the village this weekend, celebrating the centenary of Scouting. Their camp site is impressive. This afternoon there were all sorts of activities underway: raft building, kayaking, duck racing, detergent slides, crate climbing, sumo wrestling, as well as a whole host of other fun outdoor ventures.
As we walked home from our visit to the camp, I found myself reflecting on what massive changes there must have been in Scouting through the ages.
On the way home we decided to go to the local chip shop to pick up supper only to be advised that service would be slow since they were feeding hundreds of scouts. Changed days indeed. Whatever happened to rubbing two sticks together and cooking over an open fire?
I look forward to being involved in the centenary service next weekend. Hopefully by then, the young folks and their leaders will have managed to scrub off most of the mud they were covered in today!

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