Tuesday, 1 November 2016

For all the saints...

The deep conversations
The throw away remarks
The taken for granted wisdom
seldom, if ever, appreciated for its worth at the time
but now longed for and missed.
Just a few precious minutes more.
Questions we yearn to ask
Stories we long to share
Words of thanks we'd love to pass on
to those saints who have gone
whose lives affected ours
whose influence lives on.
Yet, still today, at every turn
there are those who inspire
those who teach
those whose example still helps us
reach higher
and be more than we ever dreamed.
Those saints are found
not often in the places we naturally look:
Not in those hallowed corridors
or sanctified buildings.
Not even in those set apart
or called to serve
although, if we look carefully
we might get lucky.
But today's saints surround us
in the morning commute
in the rush hour traffic
in the doctor's surgery
and in the hospital waiting room.
There, just at the moment we need
to glimpse the love of God
shining through the reality of life
that is ours this day.
This day
we give thanks
for the saints
of the past
and we look for
those saints who continue
to hold out God's love and light
in the world today.
This day,
we endeavour
to hold out
the light of Christ
for others.
For all the saints...


Carol Frances Johnston the Wild Rev said...

The "communion of saints" is my favorite Christian doctrine. It is a comfort to be in touch at a deep level with all who've touched one's life - and an inspiration to live as fully and authentically as one can.

liz said...

Thank you Carol I love this season too.

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