Monday, 6 June 2016


Jesus asked them: What were you speaking of as you walked along....?
(Luke 24:17)
On the train this morning, I was doing my usual - catching up on emails, facebooking, tweeting...
The guy opposite propositioned me: Do you fancy... (I wondered what was coming next.)
He said: "Do you fancy putting down your tablet and having a conversation?"
I immediately complied - because I've been well brought up 😇.
And so ensued a fascinating conversation.
He is Nepalese, married to a Scot, living in Edinburgh while his son finishes school, when he hopes to return to Nepal and help to rebuild community there.
He is a dancer - and, having noticed that I placed my violin on the overhead rack, we had a wonderful conversation about music and movement and rhythm.

I was sharing this encounter with friends, one of whom asked: "So, what happened when he discovered that you're a minister?" I was almost embarrassed to confess that we didn't get to that. It simply didn't arise.
We talked about the Spirituality of music, how it offers wholeness and healing. He told me of his work using dance to aid expression in children with special needs, among other projects. I shared with him the experience of playing sacred music with an orchestra in a cathedral last night. He shared the hope that a few short term contracts in Scotland would help to resource his longing to heal his community back in Nepal.
It felt like an intense encounter with someone whom I'm unlikely to meet again.
So, did I miss an opportunity to share faith?
Or is it enough to listen and affirm. Enough to put down my tablet and engage?

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