Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Ditching the dream?

The Magi put their considerable wealth and experience
behind their mission to follow the star.
But, when push came to shove,
they weren't too high and mighty
to change their plans
and return by another way.
Having stirred up a hornet's nest
of insecurity and threat,
corruption and evil
in a malevolent power,
their humility saved the life
of the child born to be king.
And their presents
of gold, frankincense and myrrh,
which must have seemed so impractical
quickly took on a whole new meaning
becoming just what the baby God needed.
We may not have their wealth or wisdom
though perhaps we do.
But we too are called
to that moment of Epiphany
and, having offered our gifts,
to be willing to change our course
and be led in a new direction.
And though the road ahead is seldom clear
in the absence of a star
yet it is full of adventure
and mystery
and learning
and growth
ours for the discovering.
An Epiphany for today
and everyday.

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