Saturday, 20 December 2014

Mothering God

Luke 1v 42
Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.

God, you pick your moments
and your people.
Talk about a big fat Jewish wedding?
Well, the big, fat part came true
as I swelled with the weight of the Son of God.
People thought Joseph was a fool
But I knew differently
It took guts to stick with me
and not run from God
and the crazy plans
he'd racked
up for us.
Once he'd set his mind to it
like everything else he did,
Joseph made a great job
of caring for me
the mother of God's child. 
What other man
would be there at the birth
and not leave it to the women.
Mind you, Joseph had no choice.
No one else would speak to us
disgracing them as we had.
It wasn't really until the birth
that I missed the other women folk
Because Joseph was so loving and caring
He saw the hurt I felt
and tried to make it up to me.
And, for a time, he did.
But, when the time came
to push this fragile life
out into the world
that was when I needed another woman
One who knew what to expect
One who could talk me through the pain
and reassure me
that this was how it had to be
to bring a new life to birth.
I couldn't even blame Joseph
He hadn't planted this seed in me
But I cursed him anyway
with every profanity I knew.
He had to stay
and take it
There was no one else
to catch the Son of God
as he was delivered
onto a straw covered floor
in a place hidden from sight.
No one else to bring him to my breast
so that I could nurture God's Son
the Light of the world.
Liz Crumlish 2014

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