Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Painting the legacy

Psalms 102:1-3;16-21
Prayer to the Eternal King for Help
A prayer of one afflicted, when faint and pleading before the Lord.
 Hear my prayer, O Lord;
let my cry come to you.
 Do not hide your face from me
in the day of my distress.
Incline your ear to me;
answer me speedily in the day when I call.
 For my days pass away like smoke,
and my bones burn like a furnace.
For the Lord will build up Zion;
he will appear in his glory.
 He will regard the prayer of the destitute,
and will not despise their prayer.
 Let this be recorded for a generation to come,
so that a people yet unborn may praise the Lord:
 that he looked down from his holy height,
from heaven the Lord looked at the earth,
 to hear the groans of the prisoners,
to set free those who were doomed to die;
 so that the name of the Lord may be declared in Zion,
and his praise in Jerusalem.

Recording the works of the Lord
For a generation yet unborn
What a responsibility
Painting God
As the God who listens
The God who hears the groans of creation
And brings release
from all that holds folk captive
Loosing bonds
Defeating death
Dropping clues all around
and building up a picture
so that those still to come
gain a sense
of what has gone before
and know
in whom to trust:
The Eternal King

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