Sunday, 26 January 2014

Feet of the beloved

Some have meandered lightly
through verdant pastures
Some have slipped and slithered
through gooey mess
Some have trodden firmly
a path of wisdom and discernment
Some have stepped out warily
despite opposition
Some have manoeuvred skilfully
around all manner of diversion
Some have set out hesitantly
amidst discouragement
Some have flitted with energy
born of passion and commitment
Some have travelled fast
and with purpose
Some have matched their stride to others
or allowed others to catch up
Each beloved foot tells a story
of a journey of faith
and compassion
of opposition
and companionship
of trial and triumph
of hardship
and abundant blessing.
Each one gentle
Each one loving
Each belonging to a beloved
daughter of God.
The feet of the beloved.

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revkjarla said...


Cherie said...

Lovely and so very true. Your heart is so gentle and wise, Liz.

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