Friday, 17 January 2014

A window seat

Holiday Snapshots

Little snippets picked up in the passing
as the overhead locker is loaded or emptied
and seats are identified for occupation
Those brief introductions made
in that hiatus
when electronic devices
are silenced for take off.
The polite or profound
topics of conversation
as trays are distributed
and plastic wrapped food
is consumed
or as a wander down the aisle
is undertaken.
The relief and anticipation
that bonds travellers
as the newly landed plane
taxis its way to the gate.
Confidences shared at the carousel
waiting on baggage reclaim
Hopes and wishes communicated
as though we'd known one another for ever
The monotony and the melee
of transatlantic travel
fosters a hotbed
of meeting and greeting
and revelation
A window into another's soul
that becomes a precious gift
to be cherished
for its brevity
and uniqueness.
Easily missed
but worth the engagement
and the effort required
to encounter
a companion along the way

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