Friday, 6 December 2013


How quickly we rewrite the stories
How completely we "clean up" the memories
Is it a case of not speaking ill of the dead?
Or is it that good deeds and influence
cancel out other misguided actions?
Perhaps it's even forgiveness prompting forgetfulness
Whatever underlies our cleaning up of memories
or our revision of history
we have an amazing ability
to focus on the feel-good
and gloss over
all that is less comfortable.
How often history is rewritten
during Advent
when we glamourise the starkness
of a child born into a dark
and menacing world
When we ignore how difficult
the pressures of the season
become for many estranged families
and isolated people
When we turn a blind eye
to the unreasonable demands
that ensuring Christmas is Merry
places on those grieving
or journeying through unfamiliar
and frightening landscapes.
Whether it be the story of a world leader
or the story of the Incarnation
neither need cleaning up
For both bear testament to Redemption -
The ability of God
to confront the murkiest reality
with the power of love
bringing goodness out of evil
Lighting up the dark
with incredible hope.
Bringing peace against all the odds.
Advent is a time for revision.

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